About Stan Boychuk

I received my Journeyperson’s certificate in 1982 in Saskatchewan. I was involved with a dozen other people worked on a project funded by the Saskatchewan Research Council, Saskatchewan Power, University of Regina and University of Saskatchewan called ”Conservation House” built in Regina, Saskatchewan. Conservation House was the first high-energy efficient project done in Canada and it was through this pilot project that the “double-wall” construction technique was developed.

In 1983 I developed, managed and lead the reconstruction of the Skookum Jim Friendship Centre in Whitehorse Yukon, where the double wall construction process was implemented for the first time in a commercial construction project. The Skookum Jim Friendship Centre is still today the most efficient commercial building north of the 60th parallel.

The following two years we built and completed retrofits of more than 100 houses throughout the Yukon to increase the energy efficiency and reduce energy cost.

2008 – 2010 I worked under contract with BC Hydro, facilitating the Split Incentive Initiative, mandated to develop incentive programmes that would benefit both landlord/leasers and tenants and leases in the conservation of electricity and energy consumption.

2010 – 2012 I worked with the BC Sustainable Energy Association, City of Vancouver and the BC Apartment Owners and Managers Association in developing and implementing the Green Landlord and Green Condo Projects, in the City of Vancouver and West Vancouver.

What’s Next: